Jumanji 30th Anniversary Edition - Chris Van Allsburg

My 8-year-old, now in 3rd grade, has been raving about this book for about a week.  He scored 100% on the test at school on this one, and really wanted his brother to read it.  I told him I had seen a movie with this title several years ago.  It was ok, but nothing I'd want to see twice.  So...  he starts asking me things like what color is Peter's shirt?  What animal is on the piano and under the bed?  Of course I didn't remember, since it was many many moons ago for the movie and me! LOL.  He says, "Mom, you should read the book."  I said that yes, maybe I should.  I'm sure it is better than the crazy movie I watched.  Well, the book came home with him after school today.  When I get home from work I hear that his brother has read it and liked it.  I see it on the couch next to the reclining Dachshund, and I decide to take a peek.  I loved it!  And yes, much better than my memory of the movie, but isn't that pretty much always the case!