Elsie: Adventures of an Arizona Schoolteacher 1913-1916 - Barbara Anne Waite

I enjoy anything "old west" and was hoping for a little more excitement and adventure here.  The story starts with the granddaughter asking Elsie if there was anyone in her life before grandpa and Elsie responds, "There was a cowboy..." .  So I'm thinking this could be interesting and fun.  But it truly IS just day to day diary entries and several letters back and forth to her parents during her time teaching in two different towns in early 1900s Arizona.  I was bored silly reading elaborate descriptions of meals she eats -- she actually writes letters to family about such things!  Who cares?!  And she seems VERY prim and proper, although fickle, to say the least.  I wasn't sure I liked that about her.  I can honestly say my favorite part of the book, besides the photographs, was the epilogue.  I could have just read that part and known the whole story!  But it is a nice tribute to her grandmother that the author compiles her writings and she did a good job with preserving this time in Elsie's young life.