A friendly BEWARE of what version you're reading, whatever the title!  Abridged or unabridged, that is the issue...  I have always preferred UNabridged.  I do not like "shortened while still maintaining the context of the story" books!  I want the full, complete, as the author intended, ALL of the stories I read.  I have a paperback copy of The Count of Monte Cristo.  I had picked it up from a friend who was cleaning out before a move last year...  It states nowhere in the pages or on the cover that it is a cheapened (my opinion) abridged version of this masterful story.  So...  how did I find out?  I have been listening to the beginning of this tale with Audible, enjoying every bit of it.  I decided to open the book to do a bit of reading and couldn't find my place in the story.  A whole chapter was actually missing!  Arrrrrgh!  And the chapters did not match up title or number in many places to the unabridged Audible book.  A quick visit online and I found the correct version of this book.  I am a happy reader once again.