Unlocked - Karen Kingsbury
The actual story in this book doesn't even start until page 27. 27! The first 25 pages are all about the author! To me, that should all be in the back of the book. If I like her story enough, THEN I'll read more about her if I'm interested. Then come the little jabs throughout the book, all carefully written with question marks, at blaming childhood immunizations. If she'd done better research, she would KNOW that the people who work on these kinds of things have all debunked that theory. There is NO link. NONE. In fact, the latest, just this week, has scientists informing us that there could be a heredity trait involved with Autism. More study needed. The suicide is barely glazed over. And finally, even though it's a sweet idea, I find the author stepping waaaay over the line when she speaks from Holden's head, explaining all his quirky movements and the pushups. It's just too much. This story came across to me like a bad ABC After School Special. One positive note, though. I like the prayer. I liked how everyone learned to just talk with God at any given moment. Prayer is indeed, a powerful thing.