AND NOW...An Oral History of "Late Night with David Letterman," 1982-1993 (Kindle Single) - Brian Abrams

I enjoy tales from the "background" of TV/movies, so this was an interesting peek at the the beginnings of what became Late Night With David Letterman.  For instance, I learned that his first show was a morning show, which never quite caught on with the game show and soap opera crowd.  This Kindle single features interviews with most of the major players/writers of Late Show, but nothing from David or his band leader Paul Shaffer.  I didn't have preconceived expectations going into this reading, so I was not disappointed by anything.  The pressure of writing and producing a show like this is a LOT of hard work on the part of many, something we viewers can't fathom as we are simply entertained by it all for an hour.  And Letterman will go down in history right at the top (along with Carson) of the best of the best.