The Shadow of Your Smile - Mary Higgins Clark

This is the book we will discuss this week at the meeting of my local book club.  This is my first time with Mary Higgins Clark.  I know she has been a very popular author for many years now, but I have to say I probably will not read her again of my own free will.  Her writing drove me nuts with way too many characters thrown at me in the first chapter!  Slow down, lady!  And while we all talk/think to ourselves everyday, I think it's safe to say we do not over describe details and other people the way it's done in this book. My own example:

"She thought to herself, 'I think I'll go talk to my neighbor down the street, the one who was a private detective for 50 years and lives in the yellow house with the barking dog, and who I hope will ask me out on a date so I'd better wear the red dress and matching shoes that my grandmother, the one who lives in Maine, sent me for Christmas when I was married to Tom, the husband who cheated on me with my best friend, the one who I went to elementary school with.'"  Wow.  Maybe I have a career as an author after all!  Not!  Ha ha.