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Day of the Dead (A University Mystery Series) (Volume 1) - Brenda Donelan

I just met the author of this series tonight and she signed all her books for me.  Normally I would see a book with a title like this, laugh at the zombie title and move on.  But this book was inspired by a big news story in my area about 11 years ago where a university professor was found dead on the campus with a gunshot wound to the back of his neck. The investigation concluded rather quickly that it was suicide.  Case closed.  Very weird. Author Brenda Donelan knew this professor as they were colleagues at the university at the time.  She made it very clear in her talk that she in no way means to put across that she has the answer to the mystery or that she has any inside info on what really happened.  It's just a story, based on the situation.  No zombies.  Just one dead professor. Here we go...