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Love Story? Period Piece? What Did I Just Read?

Sold On a Monday - Kristina McMorris

Not gonna lie here - I was extremely disappointed in this story.  I was on Amazon reading some reviews - all glowing about how this story "touched their heart" and "educational" about this time in history.  What?!  I didn't take any of that from this story.  It started out interestingly enough with a newspaper reporter (our hero?) snapping a photo of two little boys and a "For Sale" sign...  but then it turned into this sort of love triangle thing between  3 characters (none of whom I ever cared about), a "secret" past (give me a break!) and - oh yes, a mob connection!  Just my opinion here, but I felt like the author really didn't know which direction to take this story.  She went the wrong way for this reader.

This is a book club read for me - we will discuss it this month.  

And now, on to more enjoyable books!