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Another read for Book Club...

The Mysterious Island - Caleb Carr, Jordan Stump, Jules Verne

Parts of this story were really, really great!  Exciting, adventurous, and edge-of-your-seat reading.  And with a main character being an engineer (trying not to do spoilers here) I must admit there were several chapters I just skimmed over because the technical hoo-ha on how to make/build/grow/cook things was just too much for me.  The skimmed chapters were more in the first half of the book, because at about 50% this story really takes off! 

I can't say I loved it, but I did enjoy it for the most part. 

Some questions it left me with...  they never acknowledged holidays... what did they do for clothing (oh wait, maybe that was covered - no pun intended! - in one of those skimmed chapters)... can we assume that Top survived... and I found it very interesting that they never had a spat amongst them the whole time.  Just a few things I will bring up at our book club meeting and see what others have to say...