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Alone With The Stars

Alone With The Stars - David R. Gillham

This was a pretty good little story - although what spoiled it for me was the profanity all of a sudden out of nowhere right at the end.  I get it that this character is drawn as the bad guy, but the cursing and women-hating were absolutely unnecessary to what had been a class act story.  Although at the end I was left thinking (and knowing) that if I had been the main character, I would not have stopped looking for someone to help.  It would have been easy enough to get ahold of local law enforcement to get the communication started with Navy, Air Force, other Coast Guard entities...  That was the one thing in the story that didn't make sense - she just gave up after visiting with one person at the Coast Guard offices.  In essence our main character could possibly have saved A.E. but dropped the ball.