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Really... this was not well written.

Where the Crawdads Sing - Delia Owens

I'm always suspicious of the so-called popular books that "everyone is reading and loving". It's really nothing but beach trash, or should I say marsh trash. 


The writing is not good - holes all over the place in the plot of the murder. I think the author even confused herself trying to figure out that bus schedule, ha ha!  What was the point of the cat?  How could our lead character be so articulate describing sea shells one minute and the next minute back to a vocabulary of "why dint you come back?"  


Names of major characters bugged me enough I did a little online baby-name research.  Names like Chase, Tate, and Kya were definitely not names given to babies born in the 1940s.  I know I know - it's justified in the book that Kya called herself that when not able to pronounce Catherine.  What?!  Cat, Cathy, even Kitty would be little girl choices before ever dreaming up the exotic Kya. 


I'm supposed to be impressed with the author's nature knowledge and all the descriptiveness of the landscape - but for me it was overkill every time she got in the boat.  I began hoping for a tide to come in and sweep all of it away.


I had to read this for my book club, or I never would have picked it up to read.  We discuss it this week.