Little Women - Louisa May Alcott

Well, I can finally say I have read Little Women. I have vivid memories of this book sitting on the shelf in the elementary school library. I would know exactly where it is today if the shelving is still the same after all these years, and could find it in a minute. But I never picked it up as a grade schooler. I doubt that I would have appreciated the story as much then anyway. I have seen the movies, one with June Allyson as Jo and the other with Katherine Hepburn, and now after actually reading the book, I still contend that as much as these girls profess their poverty, they are NOT poor! Traveling the globe, staying for long periods of time on other continents... these are not the lifestyles of poor folk. But they are indeed richly blessed with wonderful parents and there are many lessons to be learned in this story for everyone.